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30 August 2021

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

Nuwara Eliya is a popular destination for many. It is not uncommon for many travelers to visit just a few of England's popular destinations to return to the countryside. But there are so many beautiful places in the environment. You know that good things do not come easily. The most beautiful places on earth are not so easily visited. There are so many beautiful things hidden. That Dhamma is common to the environment as well as to life.

Mandaram Nuwara

Today i'm getting to tell you about one among the foremost beautiful places within the world that's hidden. Mandaram Nuwara remains not a well-liked tourist destination.

As you know, the best time to visit is in the early morning. The whole environment is fresh; The tip of the dewdrops shines, posing for an opportunity at life. But when the sun rises, those dewdrops need to leave life. You can reach Mandaram Nuwara through the Kandapola High Forest Estate via Nuwara Eliya. If you attend Mandaram Nuwara, you've got to require care of the running condition of your vehicle, the quantity of fuel, the condition of the tires, etc. Get those things right and go on this journey.

On either side of the road to Mandaram Nuwara, the tea plantation may be a sight to behold, but it's a workplace mixed with the tears and tears of our own brothers who pluck leaves and remove weeds. Don't forget to treat our own sisters with a smile as they hang around on the tea bag within the morning. Do not look away when they shake hands with you and declare that they are friendly.

You have to drive carefully on a road that's not wide enough for 2 vehicles to cross. There are many ditches, ditches and ditches all over the road. After completing this difficult route, you can park your car near the ancient Mandaram Nuwara Tea Factory and exit to be a part of nature.

Our friendly villagers in Mandaram Nuwara are very hospitable and kind. They invite you to have a cup of tea from their home without a second thought. But none of that is hopeful. All they want is your friendliness. They make the same request of you. Do not bathe in those waterfalls. The reason for this is that everyone in the village drinks the water that flows from those waterfalls. Whether they say so or not, you must be careful not to pollute that beautiful environment.

The lands that were cultivated in the Helmalu system are very beautiful. You have to go to the top of the mountain through them. Birds flirt with you and make various noises near your ears, making you no stranger to that environment. The fragrant flowers of different colors add to the beauty of the environment. Colorful flowers bloom all over the road. How to put that sophistication into words. As much as I can still imagine.

Spiders have built their beautiful homes along the way. Dewdrops fall on them and create amazing patterns in the sunlight. Do not interfere with their existence. Avoid them as much as possible.

We are traveling from the lowest point of Pidurutalagala. You will see Pidurutalagala mountain on one side and Ran Kotiyagala bay on the other side. If you walk carefully on the footpath in the middle of the mountains, you will first see the Kolapathana Falls. You have to go to the foot of that waterfall to see the most beautiful view of this earth. Kolapathana Falls, with its beautiful natural water pool, is breathtaking in the truest sense of the word. We took a sip of that pure water and drank a little. If you want to know how delicious water is, you must do so.


More details on Mandaram Nuwara

From Kandy turn off at Rikillagaskada Hanguranketha and turn off at Elamale Junction at Padiyapele.

Do you know why this village is called Mandaram Nuwara? That is, the sun rises later than usual, and the sun sets sooner than other villages. The reason for this is that this village called Mandaram Nuwara is located at the bottom of a ridge in the middle of the four mountains of Pidurutalagala, Gonapitiya, Kabaragala and Udagabbala.

Today it is confined to a village, but
Mandaram Nuwara is a village with a long history. There are 866 old books of poetry called Mandarampura Puwatha. This book of books details about 8 kings from King Seethawaka Rajasinghe to King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe. In other words, this book is about the kings who ruled the Kandyan kingdom for two centuries.

Mandaram Nuwara has been a safe haven for kings since ancient times. The kings fled to Mandarampura whenever the Kandy Kingdom was under unstoppable attack. That alone is not enough. The king took all the treasures of the palace, including the queen, gold, silver, pearls, and precious stones.

If there was a war in Kandy and it could not be faced, the kings brought the finest queen jewels, gold and silver pearls and kept them in the city of
Mandaram Nuwara for protection.

However, there is no archeological evidence of the existence of kings in Mandarampura other than a place called Maligathenna.

Kolapathana Falls.

“In Rajakala, a goddess called Malsara came to see a waterfall, wrapped rice in a leaf and left the leaf there. It is from that time onwards that the name 'Kolapathana Ella' has been dropped. Malsara is also located within this village.

* The route is set.
* A ticket of Rs.100.00 should be taken.
* Bathing and bathing in the waterfall is prohibited.
* Tickets will be issued from 8.00 am to 5 pm.

Kodiyakara Kanda

There is a very high mountain peak near the village. It is also known as Kodiyakara Kanda. It is also known as Kodiyakara Gala. If you want to go there, you have to get permission.

* Leprosy is common.
* Be careful as there are wasp nests.
* A steep climb as well as a steep slope.
* Avoid traveling without the assistance of a villager or acquaintance
* It was learned that some of the villagers who were going to guide the climb were charging between Rs.2000-3000.

Drumming Falls

According to the villagers, the sound of a drum can be heard from this waterfall and it has been known as a drumming waterfall for this purpose since ancient times.

* You have to walk a long way on the road leading to Kodi Ara Gala and turn in the middle of the forest to the other side.
* No road. Must go through the jungle.


This is a rock that is especially visible when you look around after going to the village. The people of Mandaram Nuwara still believe that the human figure carved on this rock called Kollangala is pointing towards the treasure. But no one has found the treasure yet.

Special Notes

1. It is easy to go to Mandaram Nuwara from Rikillagaskada and Hanguranketha by Kandy Road but the road to Mandaram Nuwara via Nuwara Eliya and Kandapola is the most beautiful. The distance from Nuwara Eliya is about 40 km so there is no big mess.

2. It is forbidden to camp in any place belonging to this reserve without special permission. Everyone who lives in this village drinks clean running water. Simply put, camping is unnecessary on this trip.
3. There are places where you can bathe. Ask a villager and use only those places to bathe.

4. There are places to eat and drink. (Not a big hotel ... but the food is delicious) If you can talk in advance it will be a lot easier.

5. Noisy behavior, smoking and drinking are prohibited.

Kabaragala Falls, Athiniwala Falls, Pears Farm, Kodi Ara Gala, Bera Gahana Falls, Morapaya Rajamaha Viharaya, Waduwewala, Wellagiri Viharaya . You too can go and see the beauty. 

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara

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