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27 September 2021

Loolkandura Tea Estate Deltota Rikillagaskada ( Loolecondera)

Loolecondera Tea Estate

Loolkandura Tea Estate is one of the most beautiful and historic tea estates in Sri Lanka. This is commonly used in Sinhala as Lool kandura. The name Lool kandura is also used in the British English language as Loolecondera.

Loolkandura Tea Estate

Loolkandura Tea Estate is a very important place in Sri Lanka. This is because the Loolkandura Tea Estate is home to the oldest tea tree in Sri Lanka. For that reason, we are posting this blog post today to educate you about this tea garden.

Tea is a popular beverage in many countries. Also, many people prefer to drink tea, which is a good medicine for the body.


The first tea plantation in Sri Lanka

Lulcondera Estate was the first tea estate in Ceylon, founded in 1867 by Scotsman James Taylor.

James Taylor started tea cultivation on 19 acres (77,000 m2) of Lulcondera. Later it grew rapidly. In 1872 he invented a tea leaf cutting machine as his latest invention. But with that he started a tea factory.

He died in 1892. Until then, he had spent most of his life in Lulcondera.

In 1992, the Sri Lankan authorities built a museum in Lulekondera to commemorate James Taylor.

Loolkandura is translated from British English and its birth name is "Lool kandura". Lool kandura literally means "Loola kandura".

Loolkandura Tea Estate Deltota Rikillagaskada ( Loolecondera)

Where is Loolkandura Tea Estate located?

It is located close to the town of Deltota on the Rikillagaskada Road in Peradeniya in the Kandy District of Sri Lanka. This is a very cool area with a very cool climate.

What is the road to Loolkandura Tea Estate?

If coming from Colombo, take the Galaha road in Peradeniya and travel about 7 km from Deltota town on the Hewaheta road. You can enter the Lul Kadura estate near the temple there.



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