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19 September 2021

Victoria Dam

Victoria Dam is located in the Kandy District in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Located in the upper reaches of the Mahaweli River, this is a two-arched dam located at a distance of 6 km from the town of Teldeniya. This Victoria Dam was built for Victoria Reservoir. The main purpose of the Victoria Dam was to provide irrigation and hydropower. Victoria Dam is the tallest dam in Sri Lanka. It also contributes to the largest hydro power plant in Sri Lanka (210 MW). Construction began in 1978 and was completed in April 1985 by the then President of Sri Lanka, J.R. Jayawardena ceremoniously opened.

Victoria Dam



Victoria Dam was built under the Accelerated Mahaweli Development Program (AMDP). The project was in the planning stage for many years and was implemented in 1977 as an accelerated program in view of the economic difficulties prevailing in the country. It was planned to irrigate an area of ​​365,000 hectares and generate 600 megawatts of electricity. The study was conducted jointly by Huntings Technical Services of Canada and a team from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Development Program. Following that study, the Victoria Dam was first proposed in 1964. On August 14, 1978, former President J.R. Mr. Jayawardena commenced the construction work of the Victoria Dam. In 1980, construction of its main structures began. It was solemnly completed on April 12, 1985. The construction of the dam and tunnel was carried out by Balfour Beatty & Edmond Nuttal, a British joint venture. The construction of the power plant was carried out by the Kostain Group. Sir Alexander Gibb and partners acted as consulting engineers for the project. The construction of the dam forced the resettlement of four times as many people (30,000) as estimated.

Dam and power plant

Victoria Dam is 122 meters high, 520 meters long, 6 meters wide and 25 meters wide. The dam created the Victoria Reservoir, which covers an area of ​​22.7 square kilometers. It has a water capacity of 722,000,000 cubic meters and a catchment area of ​​1869 square kilometers.

The water from Reservoir Victoria Reservoir is transported to the power plant through a 5646 meter long tunnel. It has three pen stocks with a diameter of 6.2 meters each and these net doors create a net water pressure of 190 meters. Water is delivered to 3 turbines (70 MW and 12.5 KW). These turbines are capable of generating up to 780 gigawatt hours of electricity annually.

Victoria Dam has 12 sluice gates, 12.5 m wide and 6.5 m long. These sluice gates open automatically when the water level rises. This sluice gate design (powered only for closing) won the award for Innovation Civil Engineering Design from the Institute of Civil Engineers. The total effective width of the 8 sluice gates is 100 m and it supports a maximum water discharge of 8200 cubic meters. In addition, two low level sluice gates are located at the base of the dam and are used to remove silt that accumulates behind the dam.


Victoria Dam

Victoria Dam

Victoria Dam

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